Down With Patriarchy Episodes

May 1, 2022

What Makes a Man? | Justin Nuckles | Episode 28

Join Kimber as she talks with her friend Justin Nuckles, about: 1. What it means to be a man 2. How the patriarchy hurts men 3. What the world needs from men in this day and age Justin describes himself …

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Jan. 10, 2022

Lessons from a Queen with Tanner Gilman | Episode 15

In this episode, we get to peek behind the curtain of a drag queens story and life. In addition to Tanner's story, we talk drag-culture. make-up and how love can save lives. Tanner is a small town drag queen named …

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Nov. 22, 2021

Hero of Her Own Story with Jasmine Freeman | Episode 12

This episode is about being brave enough to speak your truth and finding the strength to step up and fight for your own inner child when no one else will. Join us as Bad-Ass Jasmine Freeman tells a powerful story …

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