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I love this podcast!

Kimber, you speak to my soul! I’m so hard on myself and your words give me permission to be OK with just being me. Your voice is beautiful!

Perfection isn’t the Point

This needs to be shared with ALL parents and teachers!!! Such wisdom and important words around creating for an experience not for the goal or award or grade!!! Thank you Kimber!!!

Kimber is a great host!

I am loving this podcast and this host! Kimber’s voice is so calming and welcoming. You can tell she has a real passion for living an authentic life. I highly recommend!

Authentic and thoughtful!

Kimber and friends guide us through thoughtful explorations of life’s challenges and encourage us to take beautiful, messy action. Great podcast!

Bravery at its finest

Kimber speaks to my soul. Tears well up in my heart and throat. Deep meaningful conversations. Thank you for being brave and showing up messy. I wish you abundant blessings on your journey.

Your permission to be who you are

This podcast is your gentle, but serious reminder that it’s ok to show up as your authentic self and why it’s imperative to do so. Kimber has a very calming, almost poetic way of speaking and I’m certain that you’ll love it as much as I do!

Engaging, deep conversations. Love it!!

I love this podcast already! It feels like you’re having a conversation with an old friend. Kimber is great at going in deep and keeping her stories interesting, while keeping you engaged. The honesty and rawness she brings is refreshing and I can’t wait for more episodes!

Awesome podcast!

Great podcast!! So glad I found it! This is going to be on my regular list!Everyone should be listening to this!