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Tara is a human that has seen some shit. She grew up in a split-personality childhood with an abusive mother on one side and loving but strict grandparents on the other. As a grown-up person, she put herself through engineering school, went to therapy, did a lot of hard work making her brain do things it didn't want to do (like love herself) and now helps women run businesses that do not, in-turn run those women. When she's not bossing around business owners, she can be found hiking with her three teenagers and annoyingly perfect husband.

June 20, 2022

Trauma, Resilience, and How to Divorce-Proof Your Marriage| With Tara…

The title of this one about says it all. Join Kimber and Tara as they discuss Tara's traumatic childhood years and how she managed to find resilience and become a successful business woman despite it all. Tara is a human …

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