Empowering Women through Boudoir with Kacee Payne | Episode 11

Empowering Women through Boudoir with Kacee Payne | Episode 11

In this episode , Kimber and Kacee talk steamy photo shoots. They get into the process of boudoir as well as why it is such an empowering experience for women.   Follow Kacee on instagram @keekboudoir

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Empowering Women Through Boudoir

[00:00:00] Intro

Kimber: Welcome back to the Just Be Your Bad Self podcast, where we're learning to let go of perfection, step into authenticity and show up for the world by showing up for ourselves. I'm your host, Kimber Dutton. And today I'll be talking with Boudoir photographer, Kacee Payne. Kacee is a boudoir photographer located in St. George Utah, making women fall in love with their bodies. She believes that a boudoir session is the ultimate gift of self-love. It's an experience you will never forget. Kacee. Thanks so much for joining us on the podcast today.

Kacee: Of course happy to be here.

Kimber: So let's just start tell us what your awesome job is. And I, I really want to hear how you got into it as well. So go ahead and introduce yourself and tell us what you do.

Kacee: I'm Kacee Payne also referred to as Keek. That's my nickname. My business, I am a photographer, Keek photography, Keek boudoir. I am a boudoir photographer and I love it so much. I got involved in it, I guess it's been three years. So I guess go back a little bit. I've been a photographer for 13 years now.

And I did family weddings, portraits, all that jazz. I did a little bit of everything. And three years ago, I was just, I was starting to feel, really burned out with weddings and everything. I was actually on the verge of quitting altogether, and I was hired by a guy to do a boudoir calendar. I think we had about 14 models.

All and they weren't all models. They were moms, single moms, just women, women from our community that he wanted to really highlight and take pictures of. So I got hired to do that. So we did two full days of just me shooting bam, bam, bam, bam. After those two days, I would go through all the images edit them. And I would send these women sneak peeks from their sessions and the response I got from these women was just so much more rewarding than anything I had ever done before.

[00:02:22] This is It

Kacee: And I remember looking over to my husband and I had tears in my eyes. And I just said, this is what I'm supposed to be doing. This, this is it. And he was just like, yes, do it go all in. He was so supportive and I switched gears and I just went head first into it. And three years later I have built this incredible business of just women finding love in their own bodies, I guess, in self-love.

Kimber: And you are so freaking good at what you do. I know because I had a photography shoot with you and I feel like it changed my whole life. I'm curious if you, I know people have these preconceived notions, right. About what a boudoir session is, or the point of it and my myself, I never thought that would be something that I even consider doing.

I can't even remember why the idea popped in head. And I thought that there's no boudoir photographers in St. George, Utah, but there's actually several and I found your website and it's all body positivity and fall in love with yourself. And I, I booked a session on the spot and it was amazing, but I'm curious if you had similar preconceived notions about it because it's not something you've done before this calendar shoot, right.

Kacee: I did it a little bit throughout the years I played around with it. But it was very hush hush because we live in St. George Utah. It's a very conservative community, a very related. I grew up very religious and very conservative. And it is very, what's the word I'm trying to think of. It's not something that's common at all.

And it's frowned upon in a lot of communities. So I did a few sessions, but like I said, I kept them private. I didn't post anything. And so coming into it, I was in my head. I just thought I'm going to change this. It was starting to change a little bit. I knew of, I think, one other boudoir photographer at the time when I first started, who was doing well and I thought I have to change this.

I have to be a part of the change. I have to help everyone see the good in this. It's not this negative thing that people think it is. It's not porn that some people will say it is. And so a lot of it to me was let's change this and that's how it's been.

[00:04:54] Empowering women through Boudoir

Kimber: I'm also curious. So you've got this beautiful Instagram account that you post a lot of your photographs from. And I went and looked at your Instagram account , before I got my session done and I remember thinking, oh yeah, I'm not giving her permission to put anything on here. And then after seeing my photos, I was like, yes, use whatever you want.

And now I swear, I just meet, meet new women. And somehow I don't even know how it happens, but the session that I just had comes up and I'm like, you want to see, you want to see pictures of me? And I'm like pulling them up on my phone because it's just this, like you said, it's not pornography.

It's like, it's just a super empowering thing. Is that the reaction you get from a lot of women after they see their pictures?

Kacee: Oh, yes. Yes. It, and that's my goal. It is to empower these women. It is to change the way they think of themselves. That's that's my ultimate goal because go back to three years ago, when I was getting feedback from all these women, it was, oh my gosh, you have changed the way I look at myself, I, I can't believe that's me.

That that's probably my top comment I get from most of my clients. That's not me. Who is, who is she? That's not me. And it's hell yes, that is you and own it. My there's so many things, I guess. I get so into this, but you deserve to love the skin that you're in and feel like home in the body that holds the story of your life.

Not, not the body that other people think you should have. That's my goal to make you love the body that you're in love the body that you've created and own it.

Kimber: Yeah. So what do you tell people? Which is probably most people, probably everybody that come in with some kind of insecurity, whether it's I am not comfortable with my weight or I have stretch marks or I have whatever fill in the blank issue I have with my body. How do you approach that and encourage them to come in before they've seen these pictures?

Kacee: But that is the hard thing is getting people to come in and do it. And that's why I have my Instagram. My Instagram is, is my main advertisement of past clients letting me share their images and I make sure to share images of all body types, all body shapes, all body colors, everything and I don't post anything without permission.

I only post when I have permission from my clients. So I know that kind of sways people away thinking that I have to share their images, but I do not.

Kimber: But you will want her to, if you get her to take your picture.

Kacee: I'll tell you it's, it's the best feeling in the world when I, get to share the images it is, but I understand, and I respect everyone's privacy. But it is hard cause I do get a lot of moms specifically who have mom bods we've, we've created life. Our body has changed. Stretch marks, hips are wider, boobs are saggier all these things.

And I just say to them you have to embrace that. You have to learn to love that. And. Doing this session, it will get you one step closer to loving that. My biggest, the biggest thing is that doing this, I'm trying to teach people that other people outside, they don't look at you the way you look at yourself.

They don't see you the way you see yourself. We all see everyone so differently. I see women so differently and that's my that's one thing I say to my clients. That's one thing. Put out there is your images. You get to see yourself through my eyes and I see you so differently than you see yourself in your head.

Kimber: I, I want to get across to people how transformational this experience is and the only thing I can compare it to, honestly, and this is going to sound like a weird comparison, but when I gave birth to my first daughter, it was a natural birth. And afterwards, I think probably my mom, I can't remember who told me, but someone said you are a rock star.

Kimber (2): And I said, yes, I am because you go through something that big and there's , no question in your mind. And I feel like I had a similar experience after going and having a viewing session of the photos you took. I walked out of there saying I'm freaking beautiful. No one can tell me that I am not a goddess because saw that.

and I am

Kimber: was that transformational.

Kacee: It is, it is. And that's the thing it's so hard to explain how transformational It is. You just have to experience for yourself. You have to jump into the deep end and just do it. My favorite part is watching. I mean, there's so many favorite parts to it, all the whole thing's my favorite. But I just love watching the women see their images in front of me and to get the reaction.

I just had a client the other day. She was loving herself and just all into it. That is me. Oh my gosh. Look at my butt. And it just makes me so happy because before talking to her, during her phone consultation, we talked for quite a while and she told me all of her insecurities, she had babies, she had a mom bod, she was a plus sized girl and was very hesitant about doing this, but she's like I just, I need to love my body. I need to love myself. And I feel like this, this is the best way I can do it. And then to see her, watch her images on the screen, she was, it changed her completely. She loved herself.

She even said, Oh, look at, oh, what was it? Look at that stretch, mark that I created that stretch mark. She loved her insecurities. After that she loved her flaws. If you will. They, they were no longer flaws to her. They were they were trophy the part of what she created.

[00:11:02] The Process

Kimber: Oh, I love that. So my hope with this podcast episode is people are going to hear this and be like, okay, I've got to do it. I've got to get this done. So for those people that are thinking already into this episode, maybe you have a little interest, will you walk us through what happens? Most people have no clue.

How do you find a photographer? And then what's your specific process?

Kacee: Yes. So I'll give you the breakdown. From start to finish. You first start out looking for a photographer, whether it be on social media or just Google. My, my presence is stronger on Instagram. Than anywhere else. That's where I started. But websites, Google, all that jazz.

You find someone. So for me, you contact me on my website. If you contact me on social media or anything, I always just ask for your email address because I send a welcome guide that talks you through the process. It will tell you what boudoir is. It will tell you everything you need to do everything you need to know about the experience.

I touch on pricing a little bit. And then once you read through that, you have the option to schedule a phone consultation with me. I love phone consultations because I get to know the client. I get to know you and talk to you a little bit. So once you schedule. Your phone consultation and I give you a call.

We go over all the pricing in detail, and I go over the process with you. I go over what all is included in everything. So once you book your session, then you receive a pretty in-depth prep guide that goes over all the preparation, including shaving, waxing, tanning, all, all the little things that you don't think of.

And you'll also receive a lingerie guide. That goes over what lingerie looks best on what bodies, what things to not wear. And it has a list of my favorite. I think there's 20 of my favorite online lingerie websites. So they're not just cool. I booked. And the dust on your own, trying to figure out what to do.

I am basically holding your hand the whole way. So once all that sent out, I think it's like a couple of weeks before your session, you'll get a questionnaire that will ask you about what things you love about your body. What things you want me to highlight. If there's things you want me to conceal. What areas of your body you want to learn to love more.

And that gives me an idea of, of the head space. You're in, of what I need to do to make this the best experience for you. And then that's my goal to make this easiest. And best experience for you the day of your session, you get to go and get hair and makeup done by two of the best in town. They're amazing.

And after you're done with hair and makeup, you come to me at my studio and we have your session. It's usually about 60 to 90 minutes long, and we have a good time. Music is playing. So you walk in. It's not, I try to just make it comfortable because it is A very intimidating thing, taking your clothes off in front of a stranger.

I understand. And I try to make it as less intimidating as possible. I am a very laid back chill type person. So once you come in and meet me my vibe goes off onto. Most of my clients. Some people are still nervous, but that's okay. Then we have our session. We have a great time after we're done, we break for two hours and I go through all your images and I pick the best of the best and I edit those.

And when I say I edit them, I will lightly airbrush your skin just to make it nice, smooth and even, and I do take away blemishes, bruises, scratches, all those things that are on all of us that aren't supposed to be there. And then when I'm done editing you, you to come sit down with me and we go through all of your images, it's what we call a reveal slash ordering session.

And you get to see your images the same day while you're.

Kimber: It's so amazing.

Kacee: you're already on this high after leaving your session, you're feeling like a goddess. So I feel like that's the worst thing ever to go from feeling so high to , when do I get to see my pictures? So I made it a goal to get my editing down and everything so that we could do it same day.

And I accomplished that this year. And It's been amazing because you get to see what you created. And then once we go through all your images, you get to pick out the products you want, pick out the pictures that you want in those products, which I have all of those things here with me in my office. And then.

Those things are usually here within about a week or so a week or two at the most. And it's all done. And you just feel amazing after you leave my office.

Kimber: And if you're like me you'll want to buy all of the things

Kacee: Yes.

Kimber: I bet you get that a lot too. , I can't say no to any of these. I have to have all the pictures in all the formats

Kacee: Yep.

Kimber: I want to wallpaper in my house with them, but I have kids, so I don't.

Kacee: Right. It's the best it's. And like I said, I try to make the whole process as easy as possible because nothing's worse than wanting to do something that scares you to death and then not being able to figure it out. Oh crap. What do I wear? Where do I go?

Who can do makeup for me? All these things. No, I'm going to take care of it all. I'm going to be there. And the thing I always tell my clients too, is when we're on our phone consultation with your outfit, eventually one of my goals is to have a client closet of my own. That's on the list of things, because I know what looks best on, on all body types.

I know what cuts going to look good. So I would love to have that. So they don't even have to worry about outfit. That's that's the ultimate goal. Yes, but right now, I mean, it's a work in progress. I have a few items I'm working on it. But I tell them, send me pictures of what you're wanting, send me pictures of them on you.

If you're comfortable, if not just screenshots of whatever. And I will tell you yes, that will look so good or no, that cut is weird. It's going to make your, your legs look shorter, or it's going to make you look rounder. You know, all these, all these things, I will tell you straight up. I will be honest. And because I don't want you spending money on something you're not going to wear or something that doesn't look good on you.

Kimber: Yeah. And then at my session, I even brought a few extra things. And then in the moment it was like, this looks good, this looks good. And you helped me put it together and feel confident coming out. It was so much fun. That's the other thing. So.

Kacee: it is.

Kimber: to do it again. My husband's like why you already did it.

I'm like, you don't get it. It's not about these pictures, which are amazing. , I just want to do it again. It was just fun.

Kacee: It's about the experience. Yes. And that's how it is. I get so many returning clients, which is the biggest compliment. Anybody could receive that and referrals. So I actually just had a girl book this week who did a session with me. I think it was last year. She's pregnant now. So we're doing a maternity session with her, which I am so excited about.

Kimber: and you do couple sessions too. Right now. I want to know more about those. I didn't even know you did those til recently.

Kacee: I know, well, it's hard because a lot of couples want their images private. So I can't share a ton of them, but when they do let me, I go ham and share all of that. They are amazing. This last one I did. She wanted it to look as if they had just got married and it was the wedding night. And so they had their wedding attire on.

It, it was amazing. It turned out so good. And it's not, I don't, I don't take pictures of them in the act, doing stuff I have rules. The men have to, they have to keep their underwear on the whole time. So there's there's, I want to be comfortable and I want them to be comfortable but couple's sessions are steamy.

They get steamy. That's the best word to describe them.

Kimber: I Those pictures were pure fire. I'm curious what's the reaction of a couple session versus just a single session? Do you know what I mean? , is it a transformational thing for them or what what's that like?

Kacee: It's couples usually do it. They, they want something for themselves just to have to show their love for one another. And most of them, most of them just, just do it for that, just to show their passion and love for each other. They don't necessarily do it for the whole self-love process.

Kimber: Yeah.

Kacee: I'd say a lot of them do it to post pictures.

Like prints in their rooms and stuff. It's, it's just a fun thing to do,

And the reaction on Instagram, everybody loves a couple of seconds. It's it's crazy. The feedback, especially when I hadn't posted a couple session in quite a while, what you do do, I just can't post about it.

They are fun. They are fun. Cause you, and you get to see the love they have for each other. And all of my couples sessions. It's, it's funny because you know, they're, they're intimate. They're close. There I have them kissing. I have them holding body parts and stuff, but behind the scenes, we're just laughing and having a good time. Like most, most of the time we're just laughing because we're making dirty jokes or something, just, just cause that's kind of who I am. I

Kimber: Yeah.

Kacee: yeah. Yeah.

You got to keep the mood light and entertaining for them and, and you don't want them to get too excited either. So you're trying to keep that from happening, but it's a good time.

And I'm all about the couple of sessions. They, they really are so much fun.

[00:21:36] The Takeaway

Kimber: If you have one takeaway that whether people come and get a boudoir session done or not what's the message that you are putting out there with your work that you want to leave everyone with at the end of this podcast episode.

Kacee: The biggest thing to take away from boudoir. Right? What I do. , I mean, there's so many things for women it's that your body is incredible, whether you're just single, haven't had kids or you have kids. You've had a weight loss transformation.

You been in an abusive relationship, you been fighting cancer or fought cancer. There's so many things. You do this for yourself to learn, to love your body. You know you become the example for other women. You become someone who will inspire others to do this. And help them begin a journey of their own.

You know, this is a journey, it's a journey of self love. It's a journey of empowerment. It's, there's so many things everything that you fear showing to others is out there during your session. But my goal is to make you get rid of those fears and turn those fears into strengths and accomplishments and loving that you know, those little things that bother you, your insecurities, your flaws, it's only. Oh, there are only things that bother you. I guarantee those of you who are married have significant others.

They don't see those flaws as flaws. They see those as a part of who you are. I actually just saw a tick tock of a boudoir photographer. She shared a story about one of her clients. . The client asks the boudoir photographer to take away all her stretch marks, minimize her body bring her in a little bit, take away all her flaws.

And the boudoir photographer was one of those that said, okay, I'll do that for you. And she did. And the client loved the images. She got an album for her husband and the husband contacted the photographer and said, thank you for doing this for my wife. I know she asked you to do these things, but this is not my wife.

This is not who she is. You know, her stretch marks. Made our babies, her, her love handles helped create our babies. It was from her hips moving and he went on just saying this isn't my wife, this isn't who she is. I would love to get the pictures, the images from before. And that just hit me like a ton of bricks.

Yes, your spouses, your boyfriends, girlfriends, significant others. They don't see your flaws as flaws they see those as a part of you. So my goal is to get you to love those flaws and turn them into strengths. and accomplishments. And I want you to see yourself, how I see you, how your, your significant other, see you, how your friends see you.

Cause we don't see those things. We see your beauty and I'm going to highlight your beauty.

[00:24:56] Outro

Kimber: Thanks for joining me today to get more nurturing around living an authentic life, you can follow me on Instagram @justbeyourbadself. For those of you interested in seeing Kacee's work or booking a session with her, you can find her on Instagram @Keekboudoir. Simply mention this podcast for $200 off the session.

Your invitation this week, do something to show your body some love.

Maybe that looks like buying some clothes that you feel fantastic in or taking a soothing bath or speaking to your body in a loving way. Maybe that looks like booking a photo session Boudoir or otherwise to help you feel more comfortable in your own skin. If you enjoyed this podcast and want to leave a review, subscribe to the podcast or share it, you have my heart.

That's it for me. Now, just be your bad self.


Kacee "Keek" Payne

Boudoir Photographer

Kacee is a boudoir photographer located in Saint George, UT, making women fall in love with their bodies. She believes that a boudoir session is the ultimate gift of self love. It’s an experience you will never forget!